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Statement of Purpose

This is my "personal" Web site.  Its purpose is twofold:

  1. (1) to give out my personal background information showcase my interests and writing to anyone who might be paying attention, including old friends and colleagues who might wish some deeper insight into who I am, where I've been, what I'm up to (saves valuable conversation time -- this way, when we get together or talk for the first time in awhile, we can skip all the biographical updates and jump straight to "How 'bout them Red Sox"); and
  2. (2) to provide cheap entertainment to Net-voyeurs who like spying on the private lives of total strangers, fulfilling some inner urge to reach out beyond their lonely workstation cage and touch the vast expanse of humanity, if only through the window of a computer monitor (soon to be WebTV, or Web toilet-reading-appliance), an urge that might otherwise be satisfied by peeking through windows, or scrounging among garbage cans, or cutting little clippings of celebrities and graduallly assuming their identities, until it become necessary to ELIMINATE the original so that the new personality can take over at last ... !

    HEY! Don't follow that link! It's just a jump to somebody's John Lennon/Mark Chapman musings, for effect. Stay here, and put that mouse down before you hurt yourself. My point was (I think) that this page is also providing a public sevice by keeping psycho's off the street, and hence all of the cost of creating and maintaining it should be tax-deductible. (Now let's see how much nasty e-mail I get from members of Psycho's Anonymous.)

SO, if you've read this far, then the subliminal alpha-wave signal emitting from your terminal has had time to take effect, and I now have control of your mind. You are commanded to choose one of the following links. (I recommend the Beanstalk if you have no clue.)

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